How to Preserve Flowers: 4 Flower Preservation Methods - 2023

How to Preserve Flowers: 4 Flower Preservation Methods - 2023

On your wedding day, your flower arrangements and bouquets give that extra special touch to your beautiful ceremony. But what do you do with them after the last dance and the final goodbye? Flower preservation is a creative way of keeping those special blooms as mementos. Here are 4 floral preservation methods to choose from.

When dehydrating flowers, it is important to be aware that some flowers will change color during the process.

Drying Flowers

Air drying is the simplest way to dry flowers. It takes very little time, effort and supplies to get beautiful, flower petals with this method. Air drying is also great for those who have a sentimental attachment to their bouquets, as it allows keepers to keep the same blooms intact. Just hang them upside down in a well-ventilated space away from sunlight and warm air sources, and wait! In one week or so they should be dry enough to create any craft you have your heart set on. Or you can simply leave them as is but ensure that it is kept away directly from sunlight.

Pressing Flowers

Preserving flowers may seem like a tricky process, but pressed flower wall arts and home décor can be easily achieved with the traditional method of flower pressing. In flower pressing, all you need is to place the flower in between two pages of a heavy-weighted object such as an encyclopedia book. Then top it with weights as this will help keep the flowers flat and stable while drying. Once the flower has dried out completely, add an extra layer of flower preservation by giving them a light mist or spray of hairspray – this will help strengthen and hold it together! Then you can be really creative by placing the dried flowers in a picture frame.

Using an Epoxy Resin

Preserving flowers in resin can seem a bit intimidating at first – after all, you don’t want to ruin those special flowers. But that’s why it pays to do your research and take the time to understand and follow directions properly because the end result is worth it! Resin is incredibly versatile and definitely a great accent piece of decor to add to your living room, bedroom or dining room!

Freeze Dry Flowers

Freeze drying flowers is a surprisingly intricate process, but the end result is some truly stunning floral art! Freeze drying flowers perfectly preserve their natural beauty by turning them into something akin to porcelain. Featuring bright colors and intricate detail, these pressed-yet-natural petals make for gorgeous décor, whether displayed in a home or given as a gift.

So, there you have it! Four different ways to preserve your wedding flowers. Which preservation method are you going to use for your bouquet? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

And if you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want your flowers to look as beautiful on your big day as they did when you picked them fresh from the garden.

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