Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, feel free to send us an email.


How does this process work? 

1. Select the pieces you want and place your order through our website

2. Drop off or mail your flowers (here is a video guide to show how to pack your flowers for shipping)

3. Let us work our magic

4. Receive your beautiful new keepsakes in approximately 6 months.

Do you work with flowers that have been previously dried? 

Yes, we can use pieces from your original dried bouquet. We also have a bouquet recreation option available if you want us to match your flowers to your original bouquet. 

How long does it take to preserve my flowers?

Our production time is approximately 6 months. This time may be longer for larger orders and during the wedding and holiday season. We promise the wait is worth it! 

Can you guarantee to use every flower I send you?

While we strive to preserve as many flowers as possible, we regret to inform you that we cannot guarantee the use of every single flower. The preservation process involves various factors that influence our decision. Some flowers have longer lifespans than others, and certain blooms are better suited for the preservation process due to their durability during transportation. Additionally, the outcome of the flowers after the drying process is not always predictable.

However, we encourage you to embrace the enchanting unpredictability of floral preservation. One of the alluring aspects of this process is the element of surprise in how the preserved flowers will ultimately turn out. Each preserved bloom carries its unique charm, and we are committed to creating a stunning keepsake for you with the flowers you provide.

Can I get my extra flowers back?

Unfortunately due to our order volume, we only dry the amount of flowers needed so we are not able to send back extra flowers. We also encourage you to not send too many extra flowers since this will also make the cost of shipping higher. 

Do you currently have availability to preserve my flowers?

Yes! We have open availability and do not have a reservation requirement. We are available to take your flowers any time. There is no need to contact us ahead of time, simply place your order through our website and mail or drop off your flowers!

Can I preserve my bouquet if my wedding was last week?

Yes, we can still work with them! It also helps to email us a photo of your bouquet condition and we would be happy to address any questions you may have. Our email address is:

Where are you located?

Our office address is:

5870 SH-6 N
Suite 214
Houston, TX 77084

Do you work with customers internationally?

Yes we do! We are able to work with pre-dried flowers and also with fresh flowers but as a bouquet recreation option.  

What do I do with my flowers while I wait to mail them to Bloomsake? 

Put the flowers in a vase with water away from direct sunlight. There is no need to put your flowers in the fridge. 

Will my ribbon, charm, fabric, coin, etc on my bouquet be returned?

Unless noted, we do not keep any of these items. 

Do you offer consultations? 

Yes we do! Make an in- person consultation HERE and an online consultation HERE

Can you work with my frozen flowers? 

We do not accept frozen flowers. After removing your flowers from a freezer, the flowers will droop, rot and mold very quickly. If you have already frozen your flowers, we offer a bouquet recreation option to create your keepsake. 

What will my flowers look like after the drying process?

Many flowers will change once they are dry. For example, red roses will turn into a darker burgundy color, white roses turn into a cream or yellow tone. Tropical flowers also show the biggest change once they are dry, this is shown most in Anthuriums. We offer color enhancing as an upgrade option so that we can color match your dry flowers as closely as possible to the original color. 

What is bruising?

Don’t worry they are not holes in your flowers! Bruising are transparent spots that appear on the flower petals after resin is poured. Bruising happens while the flower is alive. Depending on the type of flower, you may not even know the petals are bruised. Have you ever squished a lily petal or a succulent between your thumb and forefinger? Many times, it creates a visible fingerprint. Now think of that happening with a rose or a delicate anemone, except there is no visible fingerprint, so you don’t even know it’s there! This bruising can show up once the flower is cast within the resin. It usually manifests as a more translucent spot in a petal. This is incredibly common in white roses (but can also happen in any color rose) and extra thin flowers such as anemones or lilies. There is no way for us to prevent this as this is a natural occurrence. We recommend adding the color enhancing option to minimize the look of bruising or choosing a pressed frame or shadowbox piece.

Do you offer color enhancements?

Yes we do. You can add this option when you place your order, or you can add it later on once we send you your preview. 

Can you preserve silk flowers? 

Yes we can! 

Can  you preserve sola wood flowers? 

Yes we can! 

What happens if my pieces are damaged? 

If your pieces arrive damaged, please reach out to us immediately so we can remedy the issue.

When do I need to send you my flowers?

The sooner the better!  We are closed on the weekends and will not be able to receive any flowers then, so please make sure your flowers do not arrive on a weekend. If your wedding is on the weekend, place your flowers in water and out of direct sunlight and mail them out Monday morning. 

Why are the colors of my flowers different?

Preserving flowers involves a meticulous drying process to prevent any risk of mold or decay. Every flower dries uniquely, and factors like undertones can influence color changes during this phase. However, through our color enhancement techniques, we endeavor to restore these flowers to their original hues as closely as possible. Please note that while we strive for precise color matching, variations might occur due to the inherent nature of each flower.


How do I ship my flowers to you?

For fresh flowers:

Watch our bouquet packing video guide here. 
You are responsible for the shipping cost of your flowers to us. Click here to see the UPS shipping cost estimator, our zip code is 77084. 
We highly recommend overnight shipping, choosing ground shipping for fresh flowers will cause your flowers to mold and rot quicker.  Overnight AM is not necessary. 
Please use UPS only. We always have troubles with FedEx & USPS and we do not want to prolong the bouquet’s shipping time. 

For dry flowers:

Wrap the flowers loosely with bubble wrap, do not wrap tightly since dried flower petals are delicate. Use crumpled up packing paper or packing peanuts as a barrier. 
Please ship dry flowers via UPS GROUND shipping. 

What type of shipping should I use?

We highly recommend shipping your flowers using overnight shipping. Please use UPS when shipping your flowers because we always have troubles with receiving USPS and FedEx packages.

How long will it take to get my order?

Our current production time is 6 months, but this may take longer during peak wedding season. We promise the wait is worth it!


Can I cancel my order?

Customers can cancel their order only if the order has not been started and the flowers have not been dried. If the customer cancels their order or requests a refund after the flowers have already started the drying process, Bloomsake also has the right to keep those flowers. 

Do you offer any refunds? 

Due to the fact that all keepsakes are custom made. We do not accept any refunds or exchanges. If your item is damaged upon receipt, please contact us immediately at: 

Destination weddings: 

If I am getting married at another destination, can you still preserve my Flowers ?

Yes, If you are getting married in another destination, we can still preserve your flowers! 

For international destinations:
Please do NOT ship your bouquet from that country directly to us, unless it is a dry or faux bouquet because the customs process takes a long time and your flowers will most likely be wilted by the time we receive them. You will need to take your bouquet back to the United States and overnight mail or drop off if you are in Houston. 

For domestic destinations:
Use our bouquet packing guide video to learn how to pack your bouquet and overnight ship your flowers to us.