Your Wedding Bouquet Deserves More Than a Day

At Bloomsake, we're passionate about preserving the beauty and sentiment of your cherished flowers, whether it's from your wedding, a special event, or in loving memory of a dear one. Our team of skilled artisans is dedicated to crafting one-of-a-kind, personalized floral keepsakes that will keep your memories in full bloom.

Bouquet to Keepsake Transformation

  • 1. Select the pieces you want and place your order on our website.

  • 2. Drop off locally or mail your flowers. Local drop offs are by appointments only

  • 3. We work magic!
    Production takes six months

  • 4. Receive your beautiful new keepsakes!

Custom Resin Keepsakes

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The Color Enhancing Difference

Many flowers change colors once they are dry and we understand the importance of maintaining the original beauty of your flowers, that’s why we offer color enhancing as an additional upgrade option. This process is designed to match the dried flowers, as close as possible to the same vibrant and stunning color as it did on your special day and brighten up some of the flowers that may look a little dull from drying.  

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More Questions?

We know you might have a ton of questions about preserving your flowers and we are happy to answer them all! If you would like to chat with our floral preservation specialists, please click the button below.