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This is a custom made piece. Flowers are pressed for this preservation style. We do not guarantee the use of every single flower given to us. In order to cast the flowers into resin, all flowers must be fully dry. This keepsake style has a 0.75 inch pour depth. If the flower thickness exceeds 0.75 inches, we will need to press the flower flat or use the petals only in order to fit it in this mold. Many flowers will change colors after they are dry and transparent spots on petals called ‘bruising’ may appear on petals once resin is poured onto the flowers. We show all of our clients a preview of how their flowers dry, and you can still decide if you want to add color enhancing. We are unable to provide a design preview for this specific piece and we will design your floral piece according to how the flowers dry and what is available to use.

Dimensions: 3 inches

Production time: Approximately 6 months. 

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