Floral Design Style Guide

Not sure which floral design style you want to pick for your keepsake?
Use this page as a guide to select your style.
If you are still not sure or want our guidance to help you decide, please schedule a consultation so we can help you!

Corner -
This style features flowers on the corners of the piece. 
We recommend choosing this style if you have a personalized item such as an invitation or photo you would like to include in your keepsake. 

Deconstructed -
This style features flowers spread out throughout the piece showing more of the background of the keepsake.

Full of Flowers -
This style features flowers throughout the entire piece. We will use as many flowers and greenery as possible and make the piece as full as we can.

Bouquet -
This style is not available in the acrylic floating frames or resin keepsakes.
The flowers are displayed to look similar to a bouquet.