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DIY Ring Holder Kit

DIY Ring Holder Kit

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Create a unique resin keepsake with our DIY Ring Holder Kit! Preserve your favorite flowers for years to come inside a stylish resin ring holder. We provide a fun and easy-to-follow DIY guide, perfect for a memorable date night in or a crafty girls' night.


DIY Ring Holder Kit Directions:

Step 1: Cut small flowers from your bouquet. 

Step 2: Take the plastic container box and spread a thin layer of the Drying Sand on to the box. Put the small flowers in the box then cover with another layer of Drying Sand. You can layer the flowers on top until the box is filled and covered in the Drying Sand. Leave the container in a dry and cool area for 14 days untouched. 

Step 3: Remove the drying sand carefully to reveal your dry flowers. Use the brush provided to remove excess sand. 

Step 4: Measure 30mL Part A resin with the small measuring cup and pour into the larger cup provided. Then measure out 30mL Part B resin and pour into the same larger cup provided. Using the popsicle stick, mix both parts together for 5 minutes. Make sure there are no streaks. 

Step 5: Use the pointed stick to scoop out some of the resin and put it in the mold. Make sure you use the pointed part to pop any bubble on the point of the ring holder. 

Step 6: Start assembling the dry flowers inside the mold. Once everything is in place, pour the resin into the mold. Let the bubbles rise up from about 20 minutes and use the pointed stick to pop any bubbles that show up. Let the resin sit and cure for at least 12 hours.

Step 7: Repeat Step 4 - 6 until the mold is filled to the top. 

Step 8: Demold your piece, YAY!! Use the sandpaper provided to sand down any sharp edges. 


This DIY Resin Ring Holder Kit comes with:

-Resin Part A

-Resin Part B

-Flower Drying Sand

-Ring Holder Mold


-Mixing Sticks

-Measuring Cups

-Wooden Stick



-Storage Containers

-Sandpaper Sheet

-Alcohol Pads

Shipping & Returns

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Finished Ring Holder Dimensions:

Width: 3in

Height: 4in

Resin Care Instructions

All resin will amber over time. Do not put resin pieces in direct sunlight or heat. Clean with bleach free household product and wipe with a soft cloth.

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